Этапы развития продукта

Product Milestones: 1991-2013

JL Audio has always worked hard to bring real innovation into every product category it has entered. The following is a brief look at some of the key products introduced between 1991 and the present day, presented chronologically...


JL Audio exhibited at CES for the first time in the frozen tundra of the front parking lot. The W2 and W5 subwoofer driver lines were introduced to an international audience for the first time. The fiberglass Iso-Plate mounting baffles, designed to facilitate isobaric mounting, were also a big hit. Later that year, JL Audio published the first edition of the JL Audio Reference Manual, a comprehensive dealer guide to system design and subwoofer enclosure design.


JL Audio introduced the W1 series subwoofer drivers, which have now become classics. These speakers set new standards for performance, value and versatility at a lower price point and ushered in the era of small box / long-excursion woofer designs for car audio. Pre-built Bandpass subwoofer systems were also offered. The first JL Audio Stealthbox® (for the Mustang) was introduced. A series of fiberglass enclosures called "SmartBox" for standard-cab pickup trucks was also introduced. The affordably priced CS-1 series was JL Audio's first component speaker introduction. Alan Wenzel's red Cougar became the first JL Audio demo car, and it featured 10W1's and 5CS-1 components.


JL Audio introduces the W6-series subwoofer drivers in 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch sizes. These powerful drivers set the industry on its ear with huge excursion capability, very small enclosure volume requirements and a unique dual 6-ohm voice coil system design that allow running three speakers from one mono-bridged amp (they would enjoy a 10-year production run).


JL Audio introduces the W4 and IB4 series subwoofers and infinite baffle woofers, completing the most versatile subwoofer line in the industry. Also introduced are the CS-3 component systems and an outrageous 1961 Austin Mini demo vehicle, featuring three 10W6 subwoofer drivers and supernatural low-frequency output. The JL Audio Mini is named "Best Sounding Demo Vehicle" by Autosound and Security magazine.


This is a huge year for enclosed subwoofer products. JL Audio introduces the first group of Stealthbox® vehicle-specific subwoofers. PowerWedge™ (a name from the past), ProWedge™ and MicroSub™ systems are also introduced. These new enclosed systems give JL Audio dealers even more of an edge against their competition. JL Audio launches its site on this new thing called the Worldwide Web.


Andy Oxenhorn leaves his position at MB Quart USA to become the President of JL Audio. His impact on the company is immediate and pronounced, allowing for incredible growth and expansion in the coming years. JL Audio expands its offerings in its Stealthbox®, PowerWedge™, and MicroSub™ lines and also launches the WØ subwoofer line, which sets new standards of performance for moderately priced subwoofers and uses JL Audio's first patented technology, the VRC (Vented Reinforcement Collar).


JL Audio begins work on a new line of component speakers and coaxials. Several new Stealthbox® and PowerWedge™ models, as well as the 8.3 MicroSub™ are introduced. The 18W6 is added to the W6 product line. Chrome versions of the W6 subwoofers are also launched.


JL Audio launches the Evolution® line of component speakers and coaxials, featuring products across a wide price range geared to audiophile listening. The WØ line is expanded to include 8-inch and 15-inch drivers. JL Audio moves into a brand-new, purpose-built, 92,000 square-foot facility in Miramar, FL.


The W3 subwoofers make their debut, with class-leading excursion and power handling. The Stealthbox®, PowerWedge™ and Evolution® lineups are expanded with new models and replacements for old models. In the background, amplifier industry veterans Jeff Scoon, Bruce Macmillan and David Krich establish a new engineering department for electronics in Phoenix, AZ.


JL Audio launches its first electronics products: the Slash series amplifiers, which would become the best-selling mobile audio amplifiers of all time. These classic designs introduce JL Audio's R.I.P.S. technology, Advanced Rollback Protection and set new standards for performance and compactness. They remain in production to this day. The 6WØ, 15W3 and 18W3 are added to the lineup, as well as the 3-way XR Component System. An economical line of molded, vehicle-specific enclosures, called "Vantage™" is also launched.


JL Audio unveiled the W7 subwoofers, a no-holds-barred extreme performance design with several patented technologies. Over six years of intense engineering had gone into the W7 project. These drivers set a new standard for performance and would later form the nucleus of JL Audio's entry into home audio. New Evolution®, Stealthbox®, enclosed subwoofer systems, and amplifier models are also introduced. The High Output H.O. Wedge enclosed subwoofer systems are introduced this year, as is the 500/5 Slash amplifier.


JL Audio introduces the W6v2 subwoofers, which include most of the technology of the W7 drivers in a lighter weight and more cost-conscious package. They remain in production today. The W3v2 subwoofers are also launched, adding our patented Elevated Frame Cooling to the W3 platform. The monster 1000/1 Slash amplifier makes its debut and more Stealthbox® models are added to the line.


e-Series amplifiers are introduced. JL Audio also enters the connection products segment, with the introduction of the ECS (Engineered Connection Systems) line. The 8W7 is added to the W7 line and the 13W6v2 is added to the W6v2 line. The final edition of the legendary W6 subwoofers is launched (W6AE) and the original W1 subwoofers are discontinued after an eleven-year run. JL Audio acquires Total Mobile Audio in order to offer a high-quality, entry-level line to its dealers.


An enormous milestone is reached as JL Audio enters the home audio market with the unveiling of the Fathom and Gotham powered subwoofer systems. These feature variants of the W7 subwoofers powered by cutting-edge amplifier designs, combined with gorgeous enclosures and unique A.R.O. (Automatic Room Optimization) circuitry. The Evolution® line is expanded to include the reference quality ZR products. These component systems share technologies used on the W7 and W6v2 subwoofers. They feature cast aluminum baskets and some of the finest crossover components available. The amplifier line also sees the addition of two new e-series models, the e1400D and e1800D. With several new introductions to the Stealthbox® line, the category grows to more than 70 models. The original W6 product line reaches the end of its eleven-year production run.


JL Audio reaches into two critical new categories in 2005: Marine and OEM Integration. Featuring a 7.7-inch component system for much-needed additional output capability, the JL Audio marine products set a new standard of audio performance in the marine audio market. JL Audio also enters the OEM integration category with the revolutionary CleanSweep CL441dsp. This DSP-Based device is the first of its kind and allowed the user to eliminate any frequency related errors associated with standard factory audio systems. This year also sees the rebirth of the classic W1 product with the launch of the W1v2 products. These incredible woofers are also installed into nearly 20 different PowerWedge enclosures to meet just about any need at an entry-level price point. A special Chrome Edition of the Slash amplifiers is also offered.


JL Audio launches the W3v3 line of subwoofer drivers. These products are superb performers at mainstream price points. The A-series amplifiers are also introduced this year, replacing the e-Series, and featuring enhanced protection circuitry and thermal management. The CleanSweep OEM integration category sees the introduction of the CL-SSI and CL-SES. Another 13 Stealthbox models are also introduced. The Fathom home subwoofer models are named "Subwoofer of the Year" and "Product of the Year" by major home audio industry publications.


JL Audio introduces the world to the 13TW5 subwoofer. Featuring a radically new approach to speaker design, this 13.5-inch woofer has a mounting depth of only 2.5 inches and is designed to work in very small enclosures. The Evolution® line expands to include the C5 line of coaxial and component systems. These quickly gain acceptance for their world-class sound quality. The Slash amplifiers are refreshed with updated heat sink designs and cosmetics, becoming the Slash v2 amplifiers. The Stealthbox® line grows to nearly 90 different models. Home audio experiences spectacular growth for the company as the Fathom® and Gotham® subwoofer systems are embraced by audiophiles and audio professionals worldwide.


JL Audio introduces the HD series mobile audio amplifiers, featuring a revolutionary full-range Class D technology called Single Cycle Control™. The HD amplifiers offer exceptional efficiency and power output as well as reference class fidelity in an amazingly compact chassis. Other new product launches include the new G-series amplifiers, new mobile and marine loudspeaker models, an updated TMA amplifier lineup and a patent-pending power wire called MetaWire™, featuring a color-convertible outer jacket. On the home audio front, JL Audio begins shipping the Fathom® f110 and f212 powered subwoofers. At the CEDIA-Expo in September, JL Audio also introduces an all-new Fathom® In-Wall Subwoofer System, based on the 13TW5 driver.


C3 Convertible Component Systems are introduced, along with the MX Marine Component Speakers and the new WØv2 subwoofer drivers.


XD Amplifiers extend JL Audio's switching amplifier technology to mainstream price points. Entry-level WX subwoofers and JX amplifers are introduced as the Total Mobile Audio brand is phased out. On the home audio front, Fathom® IWS In-Wall home subwoofer systems are released, featuring the revolutionary 13TW5 thin-line subwoofer driver.


W7AE subwoofers are released, marking the 10th anniversary of the W7 launch. The HD1200/1 joins the HD lineup as the most powerful amplifier in the JL Audio line. New XD and M-Series amplifier models are introduced. The WØv3 and WXv2 subwoofers are also launched.


The amazing W6v2's car subwoofer drivers reach the end of their production run and are replaced by the W6v3's, offering more excursion and higher power handling than the v2's, thanks to their patented cooling circuit design. The 13TW5 is upgraded to v2 designation, featuring even more excursion than the original model and is made available in 2 ohm and 4 ohm versions. The v3 edition of the legendary Slash amplifiers is launched, offering 20% more power in the monoblock models and a new black finish. The Class D JX500/1D subwoofer amplifier replaces the JX500/1, offering the same output as the outgoing model in a much smaller, more efficient package. The CP106LG-W3v3 MicroSubTM is introduced, becoming the most compact enclosed subwoofer system in our lineup. In the Marine Audio line, the M880-CCX 8.8-inch Coaxial System is introduced, offering even higher output than our 7.7-inch systems.


In the Home Audio line, the highly anticipated E-Subs are introduced in both 10 and 12-inch versions, offering exceptional sound quality, power and value at a more affordable price than the flagship Fathom® and Gotham® subwoofers. In Car Audio, the amazing TW3 thin-line subwoofers are released, offering no-compromise subwoofer performance in a shallow-depth design. The v3 generation of the long-standing line of W1 subwoofers is also launched, with a 20% increase in linear excursion capability over the v2 models. The TW3 PowerWedgeTM systems are added to JL Audio's family of US-built, enclosed subwoofer systems, taking advantage of the shallow mounting depth and small-box prowess of the TW3 thin-line subwoofers.